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Leadership Hand LLC helps mission-driven organizations achieve strategic results. We serve Fortune 500, mid-size  and fast growing small companies, and mission-driven interests worldwide. To hear what people are saying about Leadership Hand and Beth Hand click here.

Our Values

  • We are mission-driven: focused on creating and contributing to a better world for everyone.
  • We are catalysts. We tap into and unleash the extraordinary within leaders and organizations.
  • We are servant-leaders. We are committed to being of service and to earning the right to be your trusted advisor.
  • We are direct and compassionate: we believe people try to do their best and we know the courage it takes for people to lead in business and life.
  • We practice Courageous Transparency™ where we strive to be models of integrity, courage and fortitude.

Global Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe it’s more than Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It’s about being global citizens. We help clients achieve business results and  contribute to global good–one team, one company, one industry, one city at a time.

Our work contributes to the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which 193 countries adopted to “mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.” Source: United Nations


Beth Hand, Founder & CEO, Leadership Hand LLC

Beth Hand is a senior consultant and trusted advisor who has served hundreds of leaders and their organizations.

Earlier in her career, she consulted on $250 million up to $1 billion dollar information technology and organizational transformation initiatives. She is one of a few women consultants engaged by the Turkish General Directorate of Revenues to assist with setting the overarching framework, program and change management strategy for a country-wide information technology infrastructure project.

She earned an MBA and has lived in Paris, France and Salamanca, Spain. Her travels include Western Europe, Central America, Central and East Asia, and North Africa. She is an advocate for women’s parity globally for a more inclusive world for women and men, girls and boys.

Beth has competitively sport-fished where she learned first-hand about the importance of preparation and teamwork–as well as the role of luck. For renewal,  you can find her out on mountain trails.

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Beth Hand (l) being interviewed by radio host Wendy Mann (r)

Beth Hand is the author of the Leadership Hand® book series. Her writing appears in The Huffington Post,  Enterprising Women Magazine which reaches one million readers in 185 countries, the British journal, The Knowing Field, the only international English-language journal devoted to an innovative systems change approach, in the peer-reviewed Library of Professional Coaching and in Peace x Peace Voices from the Frontline which reaches peacebuilders in 120 countries. She is a contributor to Hayden’s book 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World, and featured in Hayden and Traditi’s book Get Hired Now!

Representative certifications include:

  • Advanced Organizational Constellations, Bert Hellinger Instituut, Groningen, Netherlands, 2011
  • Million Dollar Consulting® College, Summit Consulting, Providence, Rhode Island, 2011
  • Organizational Constellations, Human Systems Institute, Portland, Oregon, 2010
  • International Organizational & Systemic Constellations, IOCTI, Morelos, Mexico, 2008
  • REN Coaching, Top Human, Beijing, China, 2007
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, Lexington, Kentucky, 2005
  • Appreciative Inquiry Field Practicum, NTL Institute, Alexandria, Virginia, 2000

Behind the Scenes

There are a handful of people who contribute their talents to Leadership Hand’s operations: Dennis B., Joanne G., Laurel B., Grant P., Christina A., Sara M., Shannon B. and Stephanie J.

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