Hidden by Gender: #1 on Amazon in Kindle Books for Women & Business

Hidden by Gender: What Women Need to Know About Gender Bias to Shine in the Corporate Space & the Marketplace is #1 on Amazon in Kindle books for Women & Business during the launch promotion. Screen shot below.  A joyful, appreciative shout-out to the following people. Your reviews are contributing to the book’s success and helping create a more inclusive world.

S. Pomerantz, Emerson Wickwire, Lucy Küng, James A. Shine, Jessica J. Stern and The j. jane Project, HDS, ARoss, R. Alvarez, Indre, Sharon Hadary, Jennifer Johnson, Anita Helm, Patricia Navin, K.F. Harman, LR Brooks, Angela Russo, S. Struthers “UK2USA”, Seth Kahan, Marjorie P. Fehrenbach, Tebtink, Susan RoAne, Kim Brundage, Anonymous, Ruth H. Hanks, Global Sales, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Amazon Customer, and Coach.

#1 in Amazon - Hidden by Gender_Beth Hand








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