Hidden In Plain Sight: When a Better Strategy Was Just Waiting to Be Seen

I had an eye-opening experience with my prospective publisher recently. We have a shared vision of contributing to global good. After I wrote 47,000 words, we discovered that our strategies aren’t a fit.  It’s a wonderful example of where one model—a traditional publishing model—isn’t the best fit for product development in a small, agile business.

My goal is to get Leadership Hand® product to market ASAP to help leaders in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and in large organizations turn their vision into reality.

So, in the strategic method of serial entrepreneur Steve Blank and “Lean LaunchPad”, I am focused on getting the minimum viable product into the marketplace: a series of eBooks first! I can’t tell you what an immense relief this is–to do this incrementally, to deliver value now, and to respond to customers en route to the final product.

The first eBook Hidden in Plain Sight:  Rapidly Discovering Solutions for Your Business and Leadership Issues was just published! I reshaped a chapter about organizational constellations. Organizational constellations offer an extraordinary approach for discovering practical insights. In addition, the process allows for whole solutions that have been hidden to emerge, organically.  My goal was to make it accessible to leaders and the trusted advisors who work with them without requiring advanced training.

I’ve used organizational constellations with clients in a variety of ways: helping executives understand how to position themselves for senior leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies, helping internal organizational development consultants have greater clarity about the hidden dynamics in their client organization, and helping a CEO develop strategies for global initiatives.

The approach involves mindfully creating a dynamic picture that allows a systems view of an issue or problem and the key stakeholders. We then explore the relationships between the elements.  The insights and solutions that emerge are practical and profound.

Some call what happens the “knowing field” and refer to the new sciences (quantum physics and Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance theory) to explain it. For others, that field might have a spiritual aspect to it.

One of the things I most love about the organizational constellations approach is that even perceived mistakes reveal something valuable we all needed to see. There is something greater than the trusted advisor or the client at work. We see a new picture where more effective strategies emerge. The kind where our minds say “ah ha” while our body and soul says “ahhh…”

So, too, when I discovered a perceived mistake—focusing only on the traditional publishing model.  As events unfolded, a better strategy was revealed. It makes me smile to realize that the strategy was “hidden in plain sight.”

I invite you to take a look at Hidden in Plain Sight by clicking the title. If you read it and find something of value, please share your thoughts with a review on Amazon. Hope you enjoy the cover image!



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