How to Write a Helpful Amazon Book Review

Amazon logoBook reviews are an opportunity to give voice to your unique perspective! They help people decide whether a book is for them or they read it with your thoughts in mind. Reviews have very practical benefits too: they are vital to a book’s success and help the author improve his or her future work!

A review can be super simple. It can be a couple of sentences or a paragraph. (If you read others’ reviews, think about the kind that you find helpful.) Be sure to write in your own voice and don’t worry about trying to write a “perfect review”—whatever you write will naturally be perfect!
Did you like (or love!) the book? Don’t just say “I liked it…” or “It was good.” Share what you liked about it or why it was good, what new perspective it offered, or how the book will help you or your business. If you didn’t like something, it’s okay to say so! Try to balance your dislikes with something positive.

Here are the steps for posting a review on Amazon:

  1. Go to Amazon and type the book title and author name into the Search box.
  2. Scroll down the book page to Customer Reviews.
  3. Look for the button that says Write a review.
  4. You’ll be prompted to Sign-In to your account, or to create one. When you do, you will be taken back to the review page.
  5. Follow the prompts to enter your name or pen name, choose a star rating, and give your review a title. It’s fun coming up with one!
  6. Click into the box that appears to write your review. I prefer to write reviews in my word processing software, then cut and paste into the box.
  7. You can then Preview your review and Publish your review. Don’t worry—if you want to go back to change it later, you can. You’ll get a notice that from Amazon when you review has gone “live.”

Congratulations! You’ve added your unique thoughts and perspective in a way that’s meaningful and makes a contribution to others.

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