Leadership Hand® Book Series

We offer a series of concise books with world-class approaches to help you and your company solve complex business challenges and discover innovative solutions. A  core premise in each is the importance of fully seeing all stakeholders. You will discover practical insights and tools you and your team can apply today.

The books are illustrated with outstanding examples from senior executives whose work contributed to global good at WalMart, Cadbury, Fairtrade International, Habitat for Humanity, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, Spring Health India, WEConnect International and more.

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Hidden by Gender: What Women Need to Know About Gender Bias to Shine in the Corporate Space & the Marketplace

This book is for women business owners and women leaders who want to have a bigger impact on the world and greater success. It’s a book for executives, managers or supervisors male or female, who want to tap into the powerhouse women represent. It reveals the hidden playing field in business and provides a clear path so that you can shine even brighter creating more success for yourself and the world. It hit #1 on Amazon in Women and Business.  Click here to order 

As a bonus, we created a free Hidden by Gender Guide. Click here to get yours. You’ll find reflective questions, two assessments, and select Written by Hand newsletter articles to help you show up every day in all your brilliance.

“Where-ever you are in your career — just starting or heading to the executive suite; launching a new business or growing the business to over $100 million — you will find this short and pithy book enlightening, inspiring, and PRACTICAL! It opens with a global overview of the opportunities for women by country — a reminder that gender equality is still an elusive goal for many and not a full reality anywhere!

In part 2, you become aware of the extent to which we — women as well as men! — are affected by gender stereotypes in our behaviors, goals, expectations, and our interact with each other. But it is chapter 3 that you will read and re-read, take notes, plan action — and feel like you are finally breathing pure air! This chapter is a detailed “how to do it” manual — inspiring and practical. My favorite is “Notice Your Own Brilliance: A Glorious Practice.” You will have your own favorite. And the icing on the cake — you can get your free guide to help you take action!”

Sharon Hadary, Principal, Sharon Hadary & Co.
The Wall Street Journal Contributor
Author, How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know
Founding and former Executive Director, Center for Women’s Business Research

Eclipsadas por el género: Lo que las mujeres necesitan saber sobre el prejuicio de género para brillar en el mundo corporativo y en el mercado. (Hidden by Gender)

The Spanish translation was released on International Women’s Day, 2016. Click here to order.



Hidden by Your Customer: How to See People, Profits & Solutions

This special Leadership Hand® edition and the shortest in our series, focuses on how your customer, internal or external, can hide stakeholders, and thus, solutions and profit. It includes approaches from Hidden by Assumptions and Hidden by the C-Suite. Paul Polak, whose work has been endorsed by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, sees how business can be a solution to poverty–those living on $2 a day. He discovered a new opportunity to sell and to serve 15 percent of the Indian market. Polak’s approach exemplifies inclusiveness with powerful social and business impact. Click here to order.

 Paradox small 1_15Hidden by Leadership Paradox: How to Navigate to Solutions in Between

Your leadership journey is one of navigating paradoxes. As leaders, we continually face competing, often contradictory objectives. It isn’t about the either/or, the black or the white, it is about navigating through the grey area in between. This book addresses a core, but advanced leadership competency for leaders in a small and medium-enterprises (SME) and large ones. You’ll learn from global executives at Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, Fairtrade International, and a former Cadbury executive now leading at Bupa. Enjoy! Click here to order.

C-Suite small 1_15Hidden by the C-Suite: How to Solve Your Business Challenges by Including People

What’s the one big question when you are solving a complex challenge? Who do we include and how do we so in a way that’s meaningful for them and the outcome you are driving toward? It’s one of those critical skills most of us are never taught! This book gives the simplest framework possible to address a challenge and include people throughout your solution-finding for a superior outcome. You’ll learn from executives at Walmart, Habitat for Humanity International and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and how to make their brilliance your own. Click here to order.

Assumptions Small 1_15Hidden by Assumptions: Uncovering Solutions for Your Important Business Challenges

The assumptions we make can blind us to people and solutions or it can reveal them. This book lasers in on one part of the thinking process that will offer the greatest strategic return on investment: your assumptions. You’ll  learn from a former Ambassador to the African Union who averted a humanitarian disaster, an IBM executive now senior consultant to Coxe Curry & Associates, who discovered stakeholders in the future, and the SAIC executive who structured a game changing acquisition and sale of Network Solutions, the original domain name registrar. Click here to order.

Plain Sight small 1_15Hidden in Plain Sight! Rapidly Discovering Solutions for Your Business & Leadership Issues

Powerful solutions to your important business and leadership issues are right there waiting for you. But how do we see them? How do we see whole picture? This innovative, experiential approach based on Organizational Constellations delivers strategic insights and even whole solutions in as little as one session. You can use it by yourself (and we’ve provided guidelines) but it works best when you have a coach, facilitator, or colleague to guide you. Click here to order.

HE Ambassador Macaya, HE Deputy Chief of Mission Solano and the Embassy of Costa Rica Leadership Team

HE Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana of Rwanda and Beth Hand

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