Organizations and Leadership Teams

Leadership Hand FaviconLeadership Hand® helps  mission-driven leaders achieve strategic results.

5 Key Times Executives Call on Us

  1. When a leader wants to launch a mission-critical, revenue initiative
  2. When they are strategically preparing for rapid growth
  3. When they want to tap into the innovation advantage within their team, business unit or company
  4. When unproductive conflict on the executive team, across business units or group is impacting relationships, revenue and results
  5. When a company is positioning itself now and for the future by developing a pipeline of top women leaders

Who We Work With

  • Mid-Size & Large Organizations. We work with leaders and leadership teams in mid-size to large organizations to help them make better strategic decisions, rapidly align, effectively lead game-changer initiatives and address mission-critical challenges that drive results.
  • Fast-Growing Companies. We work with leadership teams in fast-growing companies to maintain momentum. We help them develop strong, vital cultures that attract and retain high- performing talent.

How We Work With Our Clients

  • Leading Mission-Critical Decision Making Meetings
  • Leading Leadership Team Alignment Sessions
  • Executive Off-Sites
  • 1-to-1 Executive Strategy Sessions
  • Leadership Development and Women Leaders Cohort Programs
  • Culture Change and Organizational Development Initiatives

Representative Client Results

  • Gaining clarity for mission-critical challenges and game changer initiatives that leads to superior strategies, aligned people and outstanding execution
  • Tapping the powerhouse of innovation within your company to create an innovation advantage
  • Solving important business challenges while dramatically enhancing teams’ and groups’ performance and impact
  • Increased profits and business growth
  • Successful strategies and implementation for enterprise-wide change initiatives
  • Breaking down silos–both vertical and horizontal bands, so important knowledge is shared

One-to-One Strategic Advisory Services 

  • Mission-driven leaders gain clarity about their vision and strategy
  • Receive fast, high-impact ROI tailored to their unique capabilities, goals and business context
  • Have an invaluable objective sounding board
  • Executives get chance to themselves think–critical for making superior decisions

The end result is a Consortium that’s on a solid foundation poised to meet partners’ business interests and to serve humanity with innovative crop research. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Leadership Hand and give it our highest recommendation to mission-driven enterprises worldwide.

-John Reich, Interim Executive Director, Crops for the Future, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research


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