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We help people increase their capacity to achieve results
with greater well-being.

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3 Key Times Leaders Call on Us

  1. When people need inspiration and new skills to increase their capacity and well-being in a high-stress, complex and dynamic world.
  2. When there is a mission-critical need to create a vision, communicate it, lead and support employees through the change curve to the new normal, is key.
  3. When a senior leader wants to align their team or a multi-stakeholder group, make critical decisions,  and create a strategy to bring that vision to life.

Who We Work With

Mid-size & large organizations

Fast-growing companies

International interests

How We Work With Our Clients

We work with you to co-create a solution driven by your objectives and your unique context. Examples:

  • Keynotes and Workshops
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Leadership
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Alignment
  • Facilitation
  • One-on-One Executive Strategy Sessions
  • Leadership Team Strategy Sessions

Examples of Client Results

  • Increasing people’s capacity to work, think and learn together.
  • Aligning people to increase clarity, trust and collaboration for mission-critical challenges and game changer initiatives.
  • Tapping into the ideas and know-how within an organization or client-facing project to create an innovation advantage.
  • Solving important business challenges while dramatically enhancing teams’ and groups’ performance and impact.
  • Increased impact and profit.
  • Breaking down silos–both vertical and horizontal bands, for knowledge sharing and cultivating a learning culture.

What People Say…


“[Beth Hand’s] strategic guidance to FFAR laid the groundwork for a collaboration that went beyond executive decision-making to establishing trust and increasing member’s engagement . . . The end result is a Consortium that’s on a solid foundation poised to meet partners’ business interests and to serve humanity with innovative crop research. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Leadership Hand and give it our highest recommendation to mission-driven enterprises worldwide.”

-John Reich, Interim Executive Director
Crops of the Future, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

“Leadership Hand excels at helping leaders and their organizations achieve business objectives more quickly. They are diplomatic and direct—telling the truth while strengthening relationships and building consensus among stakeholders. They help you stay focused on what’s important amid organizational distractions, and will help you make significantly better strategic decisions. Leadership Hand is an excellent investment when you really value the success of your project!”

-Paula C., Project Manager, IT Industry


“We selected Leadership Hand to support in the design and facilitation of a workshop addressing a complex, global challenge. Leadership Hand quickly grasped the role of our division, and provided advice that contributed to our strategic objectives for the workshop and beyond. Their expert facilitation of the working session resulted in highly productive knowledge-sharing, idea generation, and work product that will be the basis for a bank-wide commitment. We look forward to working with them again.”

Catalina Aguiar Parera, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector, Inter-American Development Bank


“The workshop you delivered for 87 women in STEM from the Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and Central Asia was everything we could have asked for and more. After weeks in a community designed to support and empower these emerging leaders, cultural differences as they re-enter their own countries can create significant challenges. Your workshop content was outstanding: relevant, powerful and practical. It prepared participants to overcome challenges and to recognize it as a lifetime skill.  Your interactive style, skill working with a large group and one-on-one with so much cultural diversity was just what we’d hoped for.”

– Molly Pyle, Program Officer, TechWomen, Institute of International Education


“Beth Hand’s preparation for and facilitation of Creative University’s retreat resulted in more focused strategies for the team as well as individually. At the end of the day, the leadership team was energized and aligned, international initiatives prioritized and high leverage actions identified. Through Beth’s coaching and guidance, there was been more “team efforts” and clarification since the retreat. With closer collaboration and better defined strategies, Creative University has a better chance of success.”

– Constance O. Castrence, Senior Associate, Creative Associates International


“When we began [working together], I was growing my division into the largest revenue generator for our company. While challenging, I wanted to take on a more strategic role leading the company to mature its processes, increase corporate revenue and keep it an enjoyable place for all to work. As you know, within 1.5 years I was selected as a Vice President and am well-positioned for a C-level position. The benefits from our work together continue to unfold. What I also appreciate is that our high-trust relationship and those coaching conversations with their balance of challenge and support, continue.

The gains that coaching contributed to me were my: taking a more strategic view from the top of the corporation, and to be more strategic with my division; engaging my team more effectively in strategy formulation and problem resolution; shifting my focus to implement process improvements enterprise-wide; increasing my political savvy; and helping me identify and engage in thinking and behaviors commensurate with the next level of leadership and above. It is my pleasure to recommend you and your company…”

– Tom M., Vice President, IT Industry


“The work you did with our team and the tools you brought to the fore have helped significantly in re-energizing the group and reconnecting our lines of communication. This is invaluable to our team as we move to establish important value propositions that will drive our association activities in the future.”

– Roger  W., Executive Director, International Association


“It takes more than subject matter expertise… The formula needs to include cultural adaptability, people skills, and considerable patience. Beth exhibited all of these qualities. She has an eagerness to learn about people and languages… a sincere interest to understand the organizational and ethnic cultures… In preparing for this tour she did her homework on the Turkish Republic, its culture, politics and Islamic religion…It is difficult for any organization to change its ways after doing business in a particular manner for many years. Turkish Government procurement practices are no exception. She effectively communicated her proposed changes and the underlying rationale… [General Directorate of Revenues] officials were truly impressed with the ease in which she was able to capture their ideas…”

– Candace Hardesty, Director, Office of Tax Administration Advisory Services, Internal Revenue Service


“One billion dollars and more in services and products is sizable for a division, however; the real measure is in the value we provide our customers and our commitment to increasing that value. You were a key player in that progress by tapping into and drawing out the potential in me in my role as Executive Director, and in the Deputy Director. You have collaborated with us as coach, advisor and friend.”

– John Ely, Executive Director, IT Acquisitions, IRS


“You have a mission in life to serve others, and your dedication to that mission drives all of your actions and choices.  You are a beacon of integrity, scrupulously honest and conscientious. You place a high value on duty and responsibility, and carry through that value to everything you do in the world. You are a fierce champion for the people whose lives you touch, never permitting them to listen to the inner critic, and always pointing out their gifts and strengths.

 You have the personal qualities of a true leader. Added to those are your global perspective and strong desire to bring people together for everyone’s benefit. It’s a combination that makes you capable of significant contributions to any environment in which you find yourself.”

C.J. Hayden, MCC * Author, Get Clients Now! (R) Wings Business Coaching


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