Peace by Peace: Taking Our Seat at the Leadership Table

Kim Weichel is a leader and a visionary. She is the CEO of the international peacebuilding organization Peace X Peace which “lifts and multiplies women’s voices, strengthens women’s capacity to connect across divides, promotes leadership and gender equity, and nurtures a global network of peacebuilders in 120 countries.”

Among many Peace X Peace initiatives, the organization offers a highly popular global mentoring program to which I contributed guidelines for cultivating leadership abilities. It didn’t surprise me when Kim asked me to write a personal piece on what led to my work in organizational and leadership effectiveness as a tie in to the more formal article. Peacebuilding is after all, about relationships. She recommended I read the stories of other contributors over a period of weeks to get a sense of tone and style.

I should have known I was going to be called to task by the “voices from around the world”—called to write something that brought all of me to the piece. The strength, candor and poignancy of the writing precluded any overly milled Wonder Bread® or “let’s make everything look pretty” type of article on my part. I knew I had to write from all of life’s fullness—my failings and my successes without falling into the drama or hubris of either. I’d like to share it with you—Taking Our Seat at the Leadership Table–and hope that in some way it adds to your personal and professional peace.


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