Beth Hand inspires and educates audiences: sharing trends and insights, and delivering immediately actionable strategies.

Leaders–from senior leaders, to managers, to individual contributors, must be able to rapidly address complex challenges or game changer opportunities in a fast-paced, dynamic world. Beth helps them see the ocean they are swimming in, gain insight and strategies that unleash people’s resilience and brilliance.  Her interactive and high energy keynotes and workshops increase people’s capacity, well-being. and ability to achieve strategic results.

Representative Stages

Select Talks

  • Leading at the Speed of Change: Helping People Be at Their Best in a High-Stress, Dynamic World
  • Productive Conflict: How to Navigate Interpersonal Challenges
  • Making Strategic Decisions Seeing What’s Hidden in Plain Sight
  • 5 Power Tools to Quickly Align Teams
  • Gender Bias: What People Need to Know for Better Business Results

What People Say

“Beth Hand is a dynamic speaker with a keen ability to quickly assess the needs of her audience and deliver a clear and poignant message on motivation, leadership and coaching.”

– Roron Wisniewski, CFP, Secure Financial Management Inc., Financial Planning Association

“We really cannot thank you enough. We have received such positive feedback on the tools and strategies to overcome gender bias in the workplace you provided– both institutional and the barriers we create for ourselves. The evidence was compelling, and helped staff, from entry level to executive, prioritize, become more efficient, and build confidence.”

– International Development Organization

“As diplomats we must excel building relationships on behalf of our country and the host country and delivering results. Beth Hand’s talk was relevant, original and provided insights not just into gender bias, but how anyone—woman or man, can be a more effective leader in any field – public service, private sector or the corporate world. Her style is energetic and down-to-earth—filled with practical, actionable strategies we could immediately apply. We look forward to having her back.

– Embassy of Costa Rica in the United States

“The National Institutes of Health was honored to host Beth Hand and to hear her speak on “Gender Bias: What Men and Women Need to Know to Lead More Powerfully, More Inclusively and Get Better Business Results”. She spoke brilliantly about learning skills to level the playing field, negotiate and take risks. “What’s your game changing initiative” is the question Beth left our organization to ponder and develop strategies for.  We look forward to more insightful conversations with Beth. “

– Joy P. Gaines, Strategist, Women’s Portfolio, Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion, National Institutes of Health

“We were particularly impressed by the way you were able to engage the audience. Your warm, inviting manner inspired some personal, often intimate sharing, which helped draw the participants into the life balance issue at a deeper level.”

– Sally Turner, Co-Chair, Women in Technology Mentoring Program

“I want to thank Beth for making the impossible possible.  Her commitment to exceed expectations was evident while presenting at ICF Philadelphia’s Professional Development Day.  Beth is smart, sincere, passionate and offered us many new perspectives about gender bias which expanded our understanding.  That is exactly what we want from a conference speaker.”

– Peg Calvario, ICF Philadelphia Chapter President

Beth Hand of “Leadership Hand” lived up to her business name when she spoke at 40Plus of Greater Washington. Faced with a smaller audience than expected, she immediately used the opportunity to make her talk and advice more intimate (rather than giving a one-size-fits-all talk). Her presentation on the decision making process and what influence us and how to avoid pitfalls was excellent. She was timely, relevant and in tune with the needs of the crowd. I would highly recommend Beth to help you or your company with leadership and decision making issues. She was very engaging.”

– Giovanni Cappelletti, Director of Speakers Bureau at Forty Plus of Greater Washington

“The members of the Association of Women in International Trade have a common interest that they unite around: Promoting Women and Promoting Trade. The WIIT Professional Development Committee hosted Beth Hand, CEO of Leadership Hand LLC, in December, for an insightful talk on the topic of gender bias in business and trade relationships.

Ms. Hand spoke to her passion on the topic from the research she did for her recent book, Hidden by Gender. Ms. Hand provided guidance on enhancing the careers of professional women involved in international trade and business. She enlightened our members with the tools needed to succeed, including strategies for advancement. As an organization committed to enhancing the careers of professional women involved in international trade and business, Ms. Hand was an excellent resource to our members.”

– Stefanie Holland, President, The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT)

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