Wildly Varying Conditions: What *Is* It About This Time of Year?

What is it about this time of the year? It has a different pace but it’s not just pace: it has different traction and wildly varying conditions.

In the space of several weeks engaged in the day-to-day business transactions and refining our strategic goals for 2015, I’ve metaphorically skidded on icy patches, gotten stuck in deep sand, and cruised joyously on gentle roads. I experienced the glory of cresting a mountain when we hit a milestone with our Gender initiative.

The idea of “happy holidays” is a warm, lovely sentiment but for me at least, that’s like being on the open road, smooth sailing (or driving that is) when as a business owner, I’m constantly on the alert for changing conditions, adapting and seeking the best route to my destination.

One of my friend’s health prognosis was so dire she was told not to buy holiday presents this year. To her amazement and ours as we bore witness to the inexplicable, she returned to full health. At her birthday party recently she said:

“It’s not that I’m turning 70… it’s that I get to turn 70.”

Holiday season or in any season, as business owners and leaders, it’s not about the varying conditions we confront; it’s that you and I get to experience the ride. Thank you for helping remind me.

A heartfelt “Happy Holidays” driving gloves on…


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